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Many prominent theories in Jewish theology and eschatology were formed by supporters and opponents of the movement in this era. Meanwhile, the Nazis rejected conflict enduring issue essay example in youtube many of the well-established citizens within those same countries, such as the Romani and of course Jews, whom they did not identify as Aryan.

Sustaining Globalization Through Policy Action

conflict enduring issue essay example

Civic Nationalism And Liberal Nationalism

This resulted in more and more Jews choosing to identify with certain nationalities in order to maintain these rights. Logic said that a nation-based system of states would require the Jews themselves to claim their own right to be considered a nation due to a distinguishable language and history. Historian David Engel has explained that Zionism was more about fear that a majority of worldwide Jews would end up dispersed and unprotected, rather than fulfilling old prophecies and traditions of historical texts. Jewish nationalism arose in the latter half of the 19th century and it was largely correlated with the Zionist movement.

When this would happen, those states who were unable to contain the conflict ran the risk of slowing their democratization progress. Arab nationalism, a movement toward liberating and empowering the Arab peoples of the Middle East, emerged during the latter 19th century, inspired by other independence movements of the 18th and 19th centuries. As the Ottoman Empire declined and the Middle East was carved up by the Great Powers of Europe, Arabs sought to establish their own independent nations ruled by Arabs rather than foreigners. Syria was established in 1920; Transjordan gradually gained independence between 1921 and 1946; Saudi Arabia was established in 1932; and Egypt achieved gradually gained independence between 1922 and 1952.


conflict enduring issue essay example

Where Can You Find Enduring Issues Essay Examples?

Leaders of nationalist movements took control when the European authorities exited; many ruled for decades or until they died off. These structures included political, educational, religious, and other social organizations. In recent decades, many African countries have conflict enduring issue essay example in google undergone the triumph and defeat of nationalistic fervor, changing in the process the loci of the centralizing state power and patrimonial state. It was the French Revolution of 1789 which sparked new waves of thinking across Europe regarding governance and sovereignty.

A shift from the traditional hierarchy-based system towards political individualism and citizen-states posed a dilemma for the Jews. Citizenship was now essential, when it came to ensuring basic legal and residential rights.

Conflict Escalation


The Arab League was established in 1945 to promote Arab interests and cooperation between the new Arab states. They ruled until after World War II when forces of nationalism grew much stronger. The process was usually peaceful but there were several long bitter bloody civil wars, as in Algeria, Kenya and elsewhere.

Across Africa nationalism drew upon the organizational skills that natives learned in the British and French and other armies in the world wars. It led to organizations that were not controlled by or endorsed by either the colonial powers nor the traditional local power structures that were collaborating with the colonial powers. Nationalistic organizations began to challenge both the traditional and the new colonial structures and finally displaced them.

Muslims nationalists wanted their own territory but it would require a redrawing of the map, and would threaten neighboring territories. In the 1970s the leadership of the separate territories within Yugoslavia protected only territorial interests at the expense of other territories.

This nationalism can give rise to strong emotions that may lead to a group fighting to survive, especially as after the fall of communism, political boundaries did not conflict enduring issue essay example match ethnic boundaries. Serious conflicts often arose and escalated very easily as individuals and groups acted upon their beliefs, causing death and destruction.

conflict enduring issue essay example

In Croatia, there was almost a split within the territory between Serbs and Croats so any political decision would kindle unrest, and tensions could cross the territories adjacent; Bosnia and Herzegovina. Within Bosnia there was no group who had a majority; Muslim, Serb, Croat, and Yugoslav were all there so the leadership could not advance here either. Political organizations were not able to deal successfully with such diverse nationalism. To do so would create a winner in one ethnic group and a loser in another, raising the possibility of a serious conflict. Academic Steven Berg felt that at the root of nationalist conflicts is the demand for autonomy and a separate existence.

What does tolerable mean?

adjective. capable of being tolerated; endurable: His arrogance is no longer tolerable.

This term originated from the word Zion, which was one of the Torah’s names for the city of Jerusalem. The end goal of the nationalists and Zionists was a Jewish majority and in most cases, a state, in the land of Palestine. A tumultuous history of living in oppressive, foreign, and uncertain circumstances led the supporters of the movement to draft a declaration of independence, claiming Israel as a birthplace. The first and second destructions of the temple and ancient Torah prophecies largely shaped the incentives of the Jewish nationalists.

Also within the territory the Croats and the Serbs were in direct competition for control of government. Elections were held and increased potential conflicts between Serb and Croat nationalism. Serbia wanted to be separate and decide its own future based on its own ethnic composition. But this would then give Kosovo encouragement to become independent from Serbia.

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